4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Pet Crayfish

Do you think you want a crayfish pet? Remember, there are all kinds of things to think about with having this exotic pet.


First, you will need to invest in a fish intake with a water pump and filter. Also, if you plan to have any other fish that goes along with your pet crayfish, you will need to consider the size of the tank. That’s because crayfish are aggressive scavengers. They are omnivores who like to eat practically everything. This means your fish too. So if you plan to have multiple fish, sometimes you will need to buy a bigger tank.

Water changes

Crayfish are quite hardy animals. I mean they can live in almost any filth. However, you will have to make frequent water changes with a pet crayfish. Partly because these animals dump a lot of debris, but also because they can make your tank look ugly very quickly and create an unhealthy environment for any other fish in your tank. Making regular water changes isn’t difficult, it’s something you should remember to do regularly. Some people do them weekly and others do them biweekly.

The other fish

If you really decide to put other fish in your fish tank with your pet crayfish then you should consider the fish you select as aquarium mates. Fish that swim near the top of the tank, are fast and / or aggressive in themselves, will be the best tankmates for crayfish. However, there is never a guarantee that a fish will survive living with a crayfish. It is always possible that you wake up one morning and one of your fish is missing from your tank. It has happened to me before, unfortunately.

A place to hide

The crayfish can also be the victim of attacks by other fish, believe it or not. This is more likely to happen when a crayfish molts or when your pet sheds its exoskeleton. When a crayfish sheds its exoskeleton, it is weak and soft. It is also not too aggressive. Because of this, other fish sometimes attack it. For this reason, it is very important to have hiding places in your fish tank for when you move your crayfish. Actually, your pet crayfish will like to have a hideout anyway. These animals like to hide and hide often, when they are not on the prowl hunting everything in sight. PVC pipe can be used as a hiding place for your pet crayfish or you can buy them cheaply online or at most pet stores.

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