5 Easy Tricks To Prolong The Life Of Your Grill

Just like any other household accessory, your grill also needs a little attention, that’s if you want it for years to come. Caring for a grill requires more than just scraping burned food from the grills. Take some time to give it a proper cleaning once in a while and be sure to check it regularly for maintenance.

Here are 5 easy tricks to help extend the life of your grill:

Clean it every time you use it

Cleaning the grill after each use may seem like a hassle, especially if you grill all the time. But it is a small step that will extend the life of your grill and save you a lot of money. This is also easier to do than deep cleaning once in a while. Use a good grill brush to scrub the grates and make sure you get all the ash and other debris that can quickly accumulate on the bottom.

Cover it when not in use

There are times when you will go several days or even weeks without using your grill. If you leave it out in the yard, salty air, moisture, and even chemicals can damage its exterior. That is why it is ideal to invest in a good grill cover. Alternatively, move your grill indoors if you have a storage area like your garage or shed.

Take care of the bars

The racks are the most widely used part of the grill, so they wear easily. To help extend your life, use solid shortening for protection. If rust is found, remove it immediately with sandpaper or a brush. If your grilles and grates are really worn, consider replacing them.

Check regularly for obstructions

To make sure your grill works efficiently, get in the habit of checking for obstructions regularly. Take out the burners and check for grease and dirt build-up. Clean and unclog if necessary, and replace burners that cannot be cleaned.

Do repair work

If your grill doesn’t want to light, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a new grill. It may just be the electronic switch module or the ignition switch that isn’t working properly. Take the time to repair or replace it. If you’re having trouble repairing, call your grill customer service if you’re having trouble.

Follow these 5 easy tricks to prolong the life of your grill!

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