5 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Cats Instead of Dogs

Cats are not that noisy

Dogs bark at passing people, other animals, and when they can’t tuck their favorite toy under the couch. No matter what the reason is, continuous barking can be annoying even the most passionate dog lover.

On the other hand, cats also make noise, especially at night, when most cats are active. However, their purring and meowing can be relatively calm. These sounds are not only cute, but can actually mean something that cat owners have learned to recognize. Every time a cat meows, this can tell whether it is hungry or wants to be hugged.

Caring for kittens means less work

Whether pet owners have a puppy or kitten, they must spend time and energy caring for it. They need to help him adjust to his new home and a different diet, as well as undergo preliminary training, which can cause some sleep deprivation in the first few weeks with a new kitten or puppy.

However, puppies must go through continuous training (particularly when it comes to potty training), while kittens, when weaned from their mothers, can easily learn the basics of using the litter box and they can be left unsupervised during the day.

To be more careful, it is best to leave the kitten in a room where it will not get into trouble while its owner is away. At least he / she can be sure that kitty is safe because he is confined to a smaller space, where he cannot destroy anything.

Cats avoid pests

Cats are hunters by nature, so it is in their blood to hunt, stalk, and attack prey, even if it’s only on television. Cat owners shouldn’t let their pet eat, be it a mouse or an insect, but it always makes them happy to have a pest-free home, which is one of several benefits of having pet kitties. Also, the smell of a cat can prevent rodents from invading your home, as when these pests spot a hunter inside, they are less likely to continue.

Cats are clean

Dogs love smelly things like poop, trash, and dead animals, to name a few more, they love to roll on them. For this reason, dog owners must bathe and groom their pet regularly, which can cost a lot every time they are brought in.

In essence, cats clean themselves. Cat owners can groom their pet from time to time with a brush and trim their nails when necessary, however this is not a must as cats can be kept clean all the time.

Cats respect the personal space of humans

When people come home after a tiring day, they may not feel like playing with a dog that follows them wherever they go, insisting on playing fetch. Cats are sometimes known to be cold and distant, but they know what personal space means and respect it. They don’t crave the attention of the people around them, therefore their human family can find time to relax after work.

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