A Few Simple MakeUp Mistakes Explored

Makeup is a vital part of a woman’s outfit. You have spent hours in front of the mirror to get it right, and yet you are still the subject of the event for the wrong reasons. So, no matter how good you are at your home makeup skills, you are definitely vulnerable to mistakes and some of them don’t even realize it. What is professional makeup in Delhi all about? Discover!

Get your basics right

Primers and bases are the foundation of every makeup, so it’s important to do this right first. For starters, most people make the mistake of not using a vitamin-rich primer, and as a result, after a few hours, they start to wonder why their makeup is transferred. Therefore, choose a primer with antioxidants and avoid getting dirty.

After Primer, Foundation is the most common mistake made during makeup, as people tend to exaggerate not only with quantity but also with color choice. To avoid this setback, sample multiple foundations by applying them to your jaw. It has two benefits, you will see if the color is dark or light depending on your complexion and you will also understand its nuance.

Dust is not the solution

The common notion here is that if you have oily skin, the only way to mattify it is to use fixing powders. Now this may be great for some people, but it also creates problems for others, especially people with acne. So the very simple solution here is to use anti-shine gels, this will remove the shine that is mainly seen on the forehead, nose and chin.

Another common spraying mistake is the use of excessive bronze powder. Now the goal of a bronze powder is to imitate the effect of the sun by heating the complexion of your skin. Therefore, use the bronze powder strategically and apply it on the curved regions like the tip of the nose, the tip of the chin and the forehead for a shiny appearance.

Make no mistake about bare lipsticks

Naked lipsticks have become increasingly popular in recent years. But the chances of being wrong are also high; Therefore, you must be careful before buying one. For starters, don’t pick a color that’s so thick that it looks like you’ve applied a foundation to your lips. Also, choose a color that is lighter than your complexion but not so light as to look like a zombie.

Seal it with fixing spray

The application of spray is your final touch, since its application guarantees a fresh and lasting face. This will keep the makeup in place and prevent it from transferring. This also provides an additional layer of protection for your skin and especially for people who have sensitive skin. This will double as a primer and protect your skin from heavy makeup like adhesive and glitter.

See a celebrity makeup artist in Delhi today. We are confident that the professional will have similar errors to report! These are some fundamental mistakes that people make, even without realizing it. Hopefully this article will help you understand where the traps are and you can avoid them the next time you are preparing.

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