A New Puppy In The House

How has a puppy changed my life and that of my family?

He had been very sad with life. However, my little puppy had dispelled this sadness when he entered my life with all his fragility, clumsiness and his infinite tenderness towards me. Just wanting to be loved up to this point, can you imagine?

When I get up, just outside my room, I am greeted every morning by the joy of my puppy who jumps on my legs, surrounds me and nibbles on my nightgown. You know what, I rush to take him in my arms like a newborn, kissing him with gourmet pleasure as his little cheeks invite me to cover them with kisses.

Luna reconnected me to simple life, to the pleasure of caring for a little one who needs me. For the pleasure of going out to the garden early in the morning and late at night. Listening to the songs of the birds, to smell the perfume of the wet grass and, despite the freshness of autumn, to rejoice to see him playing among the flowers and exploring the garden like a jungle.

I am simply amazed by this little puppy that changed my life and every day I see that our Moon is making great progress. That is to say, apart from the angles of the wooden furniture that can’t help but gnaw and the bottom of my nightgown that ended up boring with its little milk teeth. He became more and more sociable with other dogs when we walked together and soon we can travel longer and longer distances.

I would like to share with you the fact that it is easier to motivate your children to go out for fresh air and disconnect from their screens. Every morning and afternoon my son hopes to get out of the moon with me and for the moment his motivation is not running out. We have walks in the port and in the city parks, we even take you to the history of the municipal stadium to make you run a little on the running track, without asking questions. And of course Luna stays on her knees all day when she’s not walking!

Luna’s energy is an element that energizes the whole family. Plus, with a puppy, you have affection, unconditional love, and loyalty at home!

Finally, I would say that it is a companion that empowers children and connects them with nature by teaching them to take care of a small living being. This warm little furry ball made life sprout in our heart and in our home, with its strength and its imperfections. We would not be without our little Moon now.

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