Age Versus Love Of Horses

You have loved horses your whole life, maybe you did some tours in your teens and maybe you had a chance to rekindle your love for horses later in life. Then the day came in the late 1950s and you had a chance to buy your first horse. Are you too old to face this beautiful, majestic and powerful animal?

In my opinion, it is not, I say this because I moved to the country at 57 and bought my first horse at 58. What did I consider when I chose my horse? First I thought about what I was capable of physically doing, with that in mind I thought I would not want a horse over 15h, anything bigger than that would cause a bigger drop and possible broken bones.

My second consideration was the age and temperament of the horses, a nice old bomb-proof horse that I could ride with again. Then there’s the breed that I didn’t care about the breed for, simply because, as a teenager, I rode many different breeds, and how calm a horse is, it’s more about how it trains and it’s about, not the breed.

I was thinking of Quarter horse or Standardbred, I rented a Standardbred in the late 30’s and it was very quiet but could be very stubborn. A breed that I never considered was a thoroughbred, I thought this breed could be way above my head and, from what I had seen watching horse racing, my thinking was too strong for me.

After considering all of the above, I started searching for the horse of my dreams and found it. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with a horse that I found in a Facebook ad. This is where I started to question my sanity, this horse is 16.1hh and 11 years off track, he hadn’t been ridden since his race days and didn’t even know if he was healthy.

The truth is that I did not care, I fell in love with the horse in the ad and fell even more in love when I met him. Yes, so he is a thoroughbred, he needs re-education and, as a pleasure horse, he is green, but so am I. I used to ride fighting horses but I was 16 and not 58 … so I wonder “What were you thinking?” My answer is that I was not thinking, I just knew that this boy was for me.

So now the next question is if I am too green and too old to take on this gigantic task for my horse to sound enough to work and eventually ride. If I had no experience with horses, perhaps it could be too big a task for me. If the internet didn’t exist, it could be too big a task for me. The thing is, I think I can do this and I love and trust my son and I know he loves and trusts me.

Another thing to consider is fitness, I’m not too fit, but to start, I need to improve my fitness, which I’m working on right now. Age is just a number, if you have passion, love and commitment, nothing is impossible. Learn to read and listen to your horse, and always make safety a priority, horses are large and powerful animals and are capable of causing us serious harm, even accidentally.

Pauline Smith is passionate about and horses and is head over heels in love with her 11 yr old Thoroughbred Nathy.

Pauline is also a proud blogger and owner of []

Pauline passion for horse and the natural care of horses, is a proud and happy distributor for Paradise Nutrients.

Pauline’s other interests are her Kelpie, her 3 bull calves and her 2 aged cats.

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