Anna Kendrick details “confusing time” when a “totally peaceful” protest took an “alarming” turn

Anna Kendrick is reflecting on her experience of protest.

During her virtual visit to The Late Late Show, the Trolls World Tour star recalled participating in a Black Lives Matter protest earlier in the week.

“My experience was really positive,” said host James Corden. “It was really moving and meaningful. And I found out that it was totally peaceful. And I was nervous about going because, you know, there has been violence, but it was very wonderful. And I actually left after a few hours because I’m an old woman and I can only be standing in the sun for so long, obviously. ”

Despite the calm that she experienced from her fellow protesters and law enforcement, Kendrick said she knew the event had taken an “alarming” turn moments after she left.

“I had a fun experience where I looked at my phone after about 20 minutes after I left and saw rubber bullets go off,” he continued. “So, that a police car was on fire.”

She added, “And at first, I honestly thought that’s a mistake, like it can’t be true; I was just there. So it’s really a confusing time to have been there and been like … you know when the situation is escalating and things are about to go crazy and the situation feels tense. And it just wasn’t that. So it was quite alarming to see him so soon after leaving. ”

On Thursday, Kendrick shared a photo from a protest he had marched in. “This boy’s sign said, ‘My mom said I mattered,'” the publication captioned. “We saw more white people in support today, which was great to see, but guys, we shouldn’t be leading the song unless we understand the concept of low times. Keep safe”.

While talking to Corden, the Pitch Perfect star explained that he had also taken the time to educate himself by watching civil rights documentaries with his family during his remote movie nights.

“Last week, my mom said she really didn’t feel good about escapism right now, with the distraction,” Kendrick explained, noting that the movies they’d seen together previously were generally classic Disney movies or cult favorites like Back to the Future. “And so I suggested we watch this wonderful documentary on James Baldwin titled I’m Not Your Black and so we saw it as a family.”


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