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The Kootenays are filled with passionate gardeners and farmers, but few know that there are amazing programs and hands-on instructions that help people green their patios, roofs, and balconies, while creating diverse beauty and habitat for native and migratory creatures. . One of the programs, the Backyard Habitat Certification, honors and celebrates those who have created diverse backyard habitat with different types of landscaping, water sources, gardens, and trees that provide food or habitat for bees, Butterflies, Bats, Birds and Frogs and Humans Dave and Lillian were honored to receive this certification for their home in Grand Forks. “When we bought that double-corner lot, it had been a rental for a long time. When we looked at the history of the property, we learned that many years ago it belonged to a backyard mechanic and had previously been the site of a repair yard for the railroad that used to exist there at the beginning of the century. Because of this, the land was compact, rocky, clayey and the little vegetation that survived there was mainly weed. ” Dave explains.
After dedicating so much time and passion to that property, it was difficult to leave it when it was reaching maturity and the peak of its beauty. However, it was important for them to follow their dream and move to Creston. “Did you know,” asks Dave, “that landscaping can add 15% or more to the value of your home? Only a few people observed the place because of the environment our gardens brought into the home, and certification was also a feature. of sale “.

“Using what we learned from last place, we started from scratch, but with a better plan this time. Because this property had no toxins in the soil, we were able to use the dirt and grass removed from the landscaping projects to dock them. Our 3-bin composting system. Our goal was to build good soil before doing anything else, “Lillian explains. “We have been here 7 years and the place has become our own little park. It has been a great reward to receive 4 different certifications for our efforts.”

Landscaping surrounds your home, including 11 shrubs, 11 trees, hundreds of perennial bulbs, a few vines, dozens of perennial berries, flowers, and herbs. 9 raised beds complement your growing space along with 4 water features. Because the loose seed is messy, the Brummets chose to put 2 chamois blocks on the largest evergreen for birds and squirrels to enjoy.

“The CDSCL group here in Creston makes great wood and bat bird houses, we plan to get some this year and maybe a butterfly house as well.” Dave tells us.
The house has been converted into an impressive, quiet, peaceful park with a feeling of privacy, attracting the couple and their 2 dogs to spend more time outdoors. They are often sitting dogs for each other and fur children love to play and sniff out all the greenery and then seek shade to rest or gather on the potted deck for a well-deserved rest.

Having created habitat on both properties, Brummets have come to see gardening as more than just a healthy hobby, as it makes a real difference in the world. “We notice an increasing number and diversity of birds, butterflies, and insects. Frogs and dragonflies appear abruptly, delighting our day, and we always have something in the freezer and pantry for garden crops. We saw more energy costs low simply due to increased shade and less dust. It’s important to note that the plants we’ve put in so far will help mitigate global warming, which currently absorbs over 1,875 kg of pollution and releases enough oxygen for 25 people each year. wait until they are ripe! The property is noticeably cooler: During peak summer months, pedestrians often stop to enjoy the shade and watch the butterflies, “shares Lillian with a smile.
Dave further explains, “We know that creating bio-diverse patios not only increases property value and therefore reduces energy and dust costs, but also reduces noise and gives us a little more privacy. Obtaining certification from any organization is a great way to help out, they use the funds raised from these programs to help manage a wide variety of services.When registering property, it is a great opportunity to add a tax deductible donation. The signs are durable and can be easily installed, if desired, on a panel of the fence below deck.They allow visitors, and anyone who pa

• Pollination of Canada and Pollination Partners
• North American Butterfly Association
• Xerces Society for the conservation of invertebrates
• Better bee certification
• Find groups and actions in which you can participate:
• Canadian Honey Council
• Backyard habitat certification program
• Wildlife Friendly Habitat Certification from the Canadian Wildlife Federation
• Garden of the National Federation of Wildlife for the Certification of Wildlife Habitat



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