Good Habits Support Good Results

Perhaps you feel that it is time to improve your health and your life? Good habits are often crucial to achieve good results and a positive result.

You may want to lose weight, get fit, be more successful, be motivated to do well at work, or feel like it’s time to expand your circle of friends; They all require a sustained effort to continue beyond the first enthusiastic days.

Let good habits support good results

– The first thing you should appreciate about good habits is that they must have a real resonance for you. If you’re not especially concerned with being slimmer, fitter, or more successful, then that lack of enthusiasm won’t hold you up on cold, dark nights or on tough days when your willpower begins to falter. Having friends or family that push you to ‘get better’ only increases your stress levels, resentment, and perhaps even feelings of low self-esteem. Choose good habits that feel good to you.

– Small steps are a positive way to move toward your bigger goals. Stepping stones can help keep you from being overwhelmed by having to face everything at once. Acknowledge every milestone you achieve; Give yourself credit for signing up for that class, not eating that cake, rejecting that alcoholic drink. Every decision brings you closer to those good results.

– Stay focused, but also appreciate that sometimes other options may appear that can add value to your life. Don’t allow yourself to be too distracted from your agreed good habits, but still be prepared for the great opportunities that may arise. Limit the time, money, or mental energy you spend on distractions. Allow yourself to make the most of them and enjoy what they bring to your life, but don’t let them take you away from the big picture and your ultimate goal.

– Being responsible to others can be a great motivator. Having to register regularly and report your progress ensures that you are attentive to each stage of the journey. Knowing that you have a regular journal appointment can quickly remove temptations.

– Joining a group and working together on shared goals can provide a good support network. Sharing tips, advice, and motivational stories can give a real boost on those tired and halfhearted days. And if we know that our attendance is important to the survival of the group, it can inspire us to continue. Being a member of the group, even when online, can encourage us to maintain our good habits. However, the downside is that if one or two members lose their enthusiasm, it can discourage the rest.

– Sometimes paying upfront to join a club or gym pushes people to go regularly, while others lose interest and only go a few times, even after paying all that money. For me, I am committed to a weekly delivery of locally grown organic vegetables. It inspired me to eat at least one item from the box every day, and it’s good to cook from scratch, eat fresh organic foods, shop locally, and sometimes try new things I’ve never cooked before. Having it arrive every week means there is no excuse to stop eating this healthy vegetable, and it’s a habit that I’m happy to keep.

– Take into account your vulnerable areas and apply measures to mitigate them. So, for example, if you know you find reasons to justify stopping at the gas station, off-license, or at the grocery store every day, where you then ‘accidentally’ buy chocolates, wine, cigarettes, or scratch cards, intercept those schedules and don’t Let’s go. Instead, shop online or make a list and shop once a week. Don’t get in the way of temptation.

– It is worth considering using the services of a professional trainer or therapist if you feel that there are specific problems that are holding you back and that need to be addressed. Regular sessions can help you keep going, get a positive mindset, manage stress, and determine to treat yourself better.

Be kind to yourself. It may take 2-6 months for a new habit to become your automatic defect. If you experience slips, bad days and ‘can’t bother you’, be nice to yourself and let them go. Remember all the good reasons why you have to persist and start again, knowing that sticking to your good habits will ultimately support good results and outcomes.

Susan Leigh, counselor, hypnotherapist, relationship counselor, writer, and media contributor, offers help with relationship issues, stress management, assertiveness, and trust. She works with individual clients, couples, and offers corporate workshops and support.

She is the author of 3 books, ‘Dealing With Stress, Managing Its Impact’, ‘101 Days of Inspiration #Tipoftheday’ and ‘Dealing With Death, Dealing With Pain’, all on Amazon and with easy-to-read sections, tips and ideas. To order a copy or for more information, help and free articles, visit

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