Green tea, is it to prevent hair loss?

A very effective natural remedy to prevent alopecia.
If you thought you already knew everything about the medicinal properties of green tea, you were wrong. This healing drink never ceases to amaze, and I hope it continues to do so for much longer. Get to know this new property of green tea through this post.

Green tea has already become accustomed to its lovers, to give them new reasons to continue worshiping, and it is not surprising that they periodically reveal new healing virtues that have accumulated in their long list of medicinal properties.

In this case, it is the help that could be offered to counteract hair loss. For people looking for a natural way to stop hair loss, green tea has been considered a possible cure: do you think this may be possible?

Green tea to stop hair loss.
There is increasing scientific evidence that green tea may be a solution to avoid this problem. Most of the research so far has focused on epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG, for many, the most important antioxidant found in tea.

A 2007 study by the Seoul National University in Korea examined the effect of EGCG catechins on hair follicles and dermal papillae, a type of cell that plays a key role in male hair growth.

The Korean researchers tested the effects of EGCG on laboratory-grown hair follicles along with cells from the dermal papilla and the human scalp. According to the study, the scientists used 10 percent EGCG in ethanol and applied it directly to each participant’s scalp. The results obtained were surprising.

Green tea to stimulate hair growth.
Data collected from studies suggests that EGCG from green tea stimulates human hair growth and causes significant hair follicle lengthening. It also requires further study to affirm this theory.

In addition, from studies showing that tea can be a great aid to hair growth, there is also a theory that it can keep the scalp healthy, creating an environment that could make hair grow longer.

If it exists, it was done at the Medical College of Georgia by Dr. Stephen Hsu. The study showed that green tea is a possible treatment for psoriasis and dandruff.

That research also indicated that the tea could act to normalize the growth of skin cells, soften it, and reduce inflammation on the scalp.

Currently there are already a large number of green tea-based cosmetic products on the market. Do not forget that it is recommended that you consult with your personal doctor or dermatologist when you want to use a Liu An Gua Pian tea-based product.

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