How do I get a good image of the whole family?

Taking a good family photo is not that easy. Before having the whole family in sight, the first members of the family have already become impatient. And then of course you also want the family portrait to look a bit original. The following tips will help you create the perfect family image that will hang on everyone’s wall for years to come.

Tip 1: approach
Tip 2: natural lighting
Tip 3: top perspective
Tip 4: positioning
Tip 5: relaxed laugh

Tip 1: focus well on faces In a portrait photo, it is important that the face is sharp. You probably have a portrait mode on your camera, which helps you focus on your face. The position also ensures that the background is blurred. This puts even more attention on people. Actually, only use this option with close-ups. If you take the family portrait from a distance, you want the entire image to be sharp.

Tip 2: use natural lighting

Taking the whole family to a photo studio is usually quite a challenge. Also, not all photographers have such equipment. Natural light is your best friend in this case. Depending on the time, daylight provides a pleasant and uniform exposure. That’s something you can’t achieve with a single flash. By the way, faces do not get more beautiful in this artificial light. So, move the whole family outside. The best thing is when the sun falls diagonally on the group.

Tip 3: choose a higher perspective

Shooting at eye level is a safe option that always guarantees a good photo. But it doesn’t make the family portrait more original. Stand on the kitchen step or bench to photograph the family from above. This means that a large group also fits better with the frame. Are there small children? With a close-up, make sure you or everyone else falls or let someone pick up the little ones.

Tip 4: ensure an interesting positioning

Try to be more creative with the positioning of the subjects. Don’t put everyone in a row, but leave your family members half in front and one behind the other. This provides an interesting whole and a lot of depth in the image. It is best to let everyone move freely and take photos while everyone walks around a bit. This is also much more fun for children who cannot sit still for long.

Tip 5: let everyone relax and smile

If you have a large family, it is difficult to keep everyone happy while shooting. Some people probably don’t like being photographed anyway, and children often run in all directions. You solve these problems by making everyone relax. Give children some toys or use a pet as an asset. Try to distract indifferent adults by making jokes. As soon as everyone laughs and looks relaxed, you take the photo.

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