How to build your successful network

I am always looking for new ways to develop my business. And in the tradition of keeping things simple, networks appeared in the mix.

Than? “net?” That’s a scary word especially for us introverts!

For most of us writers (and introverts), the utterance of the word makes us shudder. Yes, it is so bad.

We would like to think that we work in a world of comfortable and safe solitude, but the pure natural fact is …

… we do not! And it shouldn’t if you want to amplify your game a notch or two.

The truth is that I am seriously introverted and somewhat shy. My nature is to resist the whole notion of networks.

Here’s the crazy thing … I’ve been networking all the time and didn’t even realize it.

My little network consisted of printers, competitors, colleagues, teachers, friends, heck, I even had some trusted family members in my network.

Each in their own way helped me out of the crisis and success from the beginning.

Hey, if you’re a professional in your field network, then maybe you should consider it too. So, get over your bad self and increase your network beat. You need this and it’s not that bad once you start.

If nothing else, go out and get your bad self on a “startup” network. This may consist of people you will probably never meet, like people you admire, authors and bloggers.

The point is, you can follow them and learn from them.

Another great way to build your network is to start attending various events such as masterminds, training events, and seminars in your field. This is a great way to meet new people who can help you in the future.

The rule, however, is to give more than you take. Be great about it for God’s sake and don’t come like a vulture who wants, wants, wants.

Give these people a professional courtesy and offer your services for a discount. Be prepared to give away some of your time and listen to their problems and help them find a solution. It never hurts to lend a hand once in a while, especially when you are just starting out.

Selfish people are rejected and ignored, so don’t be one of “those guys”.

So go out and get a Rolodex (Carlton’s favorite way of keeping track of people). Or if you like digital tools, track people this way.

The point to start now …

A small network can be powerful and very profitable. Do not believe me

This is what John Carlton says:

“I like to remind skeptics that I made my first small fortune from an online list of around 300 people. It was a geyser of good clients, good friends who recommended me, and colleagues who took care of my back and helped me solve every problem I found “It’s a much bigger list now, but those first hundreds were a revelation in the power of networking.”


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