How to make a flower headdress

What is a backyard festival without a flower crown? Floral stylist Willow Crossley on how to make yours stylish
What you will need:
Copper wire and florist tape (one roll each), you can buy both from Amazon
Pruning shear
20-30 flower stems and greenery: My favorites include roses or carnations as they stay strong once out of the water, and greenery like sage and rosemary
Measuring tape
Ribbon (for decoration)
Measure your head with a tape measure, then add a few inches and cut the copper wire to that length.

Loop one end of the copper wire and twist the end to secure it in place. (This will help you to fasten your headdress, once completed).

Trim the flowers so that the stems measure between 7 and 8 cm. Remove the leaves. The easiest flowers and vegetation to work with are carnations, rosemary, sage, pink peppercorns, and berry eucalyptus.

Take a flower (or a small bouquet of 2-3 flowers) and connect it to the copper wire with a small piece of florist tape.


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