How to Manage Your Business While Traveling

Whether it’s to keep track of work, assign tasks, check your company’s email, or just respond to customers, everything can be done from your phone. In fact, almost everything can be done online, through your phone today.

Yes, it is that simple. But don’t go running home or running to your next vacation destination just yet! We need to establish how you can do all of this and more without being in the office. Read on to discover the key factors to consider when managing your business on the go or on the go.

Key factors to manage your business remotely:

Hold regular meetings:

It is not necessary for everyone to be huddled in the conference room to have a good meeting; You can get remote employees, freelancers, and office employees, all in the same meeting with just an Internet connection.

Meeting on a daily or even weekly basis can now be difficult while traveling as you are mostly busy and have other things to tackle. However, meeting with managers weekly or biweekly will reassure their presence in the office and confirm their oversight on all business matters.

You can easily hold meetings via Skype or Google Hangouts, where everyone can see each other and even share files if necessary. You can also use Google Presentations for presentations or Team Viewer to share your computer screen with everyone for a demo.

Be sure to regularly interact with your employees no matter where you are and establish close relationships with them that can build trust. If this is accomplished, you never have to worry about business when you are away.

Follow the progress of work and hours:

Being away from the office should never mean that work is not done or stopped. Technology created a solution for lazy or lazy employees, time tracking software. This type of software allows you to keep track of employee work hours so you are always informed of who was late or who worked overtime.

Employees will be able to keep track of their shifts, breaks and leave notes on the progress of their work.

There are many types of time tracking software, some essentially focus on tracking work hours, such as ClockIn Portal, which generate time sheets and can be integrated with payroll systems.

Others include a project management feature like Zoho Projects where you can share projects, assign tasks, and keep track of tasks.

You can also use essential project management software like Basecamp or Asana that mainly focus on getting the job done efficiently. Project management software allows you to assign tasks, update them with comments, set deadlines, add attachments, and eventually mark them as complete. With a direct tracking method of work hours and work progress, employees will feel compelled to focus and get things done faster.

Manage commercial mail instantly:

While traveling, your mail is something you should not forget. Neglecting your email for a few days can cause problems. Unattended mail can be important customer contracts, partner or investor documents, or customer feedback.

With a virtual mailbox, you can take your mail wherever you go.

A virtual mailbox is a mailbox that you can access online and manage your mail. Options range from destroying any document or forwarding packages to opening, archiving or downloading mail in just a few minutes. Your mail is delivered to secure mail facilities where the envelope is scanned and uploaded to your cloud mailbox so you can control it.

So it’s not only remote access to your important mail, but it eliminates the need for a mail room! This means less paper storage, no mail operators and faster mail operations, a mutual benefit for you and your pocket.

Now you are ready to go!

With all the essentials of your business under control, you can easily travel when needed without having to worry about work being left behind or managing your business inefficiently. By following these three factors, you can manage your tasks and still have time to enjoy your vacation!

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