How to prevent your dog from jumping over the fence?

With a good fence in place, you can prevent your dog from escaping from your yard. There are different types of dog fences, such as wireless dog fences or electric dog fences. In this article, we are going to talk about some tips that can help you keep your dog close to you. Keep reading.

Get rid of escape aids

First of all, you should remove anything that can help your dog escape from your yard. This may include trash cans, stools, or woodpile near the fence. Apart from this, if there is a small tree near the fence, it can also provide the support your pet needs to get out of the yard.

Therefore, you should walk around the area and remove things that can serve as climbing aids for your dog.

Use an electric fence

An electric dog fence, also known as an invisible dog fence, is a fence you need to place underground. Basically, this fence creates a boundary around your yard that is electrically charged. Keeps your dog within the confines of your yard. And you don’t need to install a physical fence.

This electric fence is wirelessly connected to a fence collar around your dog’s neck. When your pet approaches the limit, it receives a slight electric shock, forcing it to return.

Install an L footer

Some dogs have a habit of digging under the fence to escape. Filling the holes will not help and can cause frustration. Therefore, it is a great idea to opt for a permanent solution. And the best way to get out is to have an L footer along the base of the fence.

Get a roll of wire netting or a garden fence and unroll it along the fence. Once this is done, you must bend the fence to attach it to the fence. The rest should be flat on the base.

Install Coyote Rollers

The function of coyote rollers is to stop or slow down the entry of coyotes into your yard. They are quite effective to the extent that they prevent your animal from leaving. You can also get commercial rollers. However, you can also create one yourself.

They are made from a metal wire that you must mount on top of your fence. And this cable goes through the center of the plastic tube and is mounted on the fence. The pipe moves freely, but the coyote will not be able to slide between the top of the fence and the cable.

Install a lock on your door

It is a great idea to install a padlock on your door. Make sure the padlock keys are easily accessible. Therefore, you may want to determine who will need the keys and where to place them.

Your patio is a refuge

It is important to note that your yard is a refuge for your dog, not a prison. So you should help him be there. Allow it to be indoors for a couple of hours. Also, hide some toys or treats on the patio to keep him busy and entertained.

So, here are some tips that can help you keep your dog indoors.



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