Make this year your year

Certain times of the year may prompt us to review our lives. It can be a new year, an anniversary, a significant birthday that motivates us to pause and reflect on where we are, on what we have done with our lives and what we would like to do next. For some, this could be a pleasant moment of reflection. We have accomplished a lot of what we are looking for, having good relationships, lovely children, a successful career or business, good quality of life, and therefore we smile, feel proud, happy, look forward to next year.

But for others, this reflection may result in ‘is this it?’ response, followed by perhaps feeling trapped in a routine, trapped by circumstances, and unsure about possible next steps. A variety of constraints and limitations, fear of rocking the boat, and the potential impact of changes can discourage further reflection. And yet, many people turn forty, fifty, or even sixty and feel they have missed it. Instead of being that person, why not use the new year as a natural start to a new phase of life and a new you?

The routine of daily life often means that we face many urgent demands. There is no time for self-reflection when we have to think about work, finances, children, and family, as well as spiritual concerns. Postponing changes for several years may seem like the only course of action, but taking the time to carefully consider our situation can open our thinking to other possibilities, rather than just resigning ourselves to saying, ‘I’ll wait until the business is bigger, the children are older or there is someone to whom you can pass it on. ‘

Certain responsibilities cannot change, but there may be some capacity for small adjustments that bring positive benefits to your life. Change does not automatically require major disruption. Simply reviewing your perspective can allow you to return to your everyday life with a calmer and healthier attitude, feeling settled and in a better place. Deciding that a new year is time for a new one can motivate you to positively adjust your point of view and become more flexible and tolerant. Interestingly, those minor changes often make life more enjoyable for everyone else.

Don’t forget that our priorities often evolve over time. It is possible that the former have now become the care of older relatives, our children have now grown up and do not need us in the same way. We can have an established reputation and be financially comfortable, have an established relationship, or be free from a difficult partner.

Let’s see some steps that support this year to be your year:

– Make a commitment to spend time on things that give meaning and satisfaction to your life. Then you can start the new year off right, with good habits that help you manage stress and pressure. Take regular breaks, relax, eat well, and exercise frequently. If necessary, give yourself time to cry, recover from a breakup, heal after a change in circumstances, or have some space after a hectic time or a period of illness before reflecting on what you want to happen next.

– Learn to delegate. Assessments can help you assess ways to develop staff and maximize your skills and talents. This improves their commitment and commitment to the business, while improving their personal and professional skills. It also allows you to focus on your key skills, without having to control everything yourself.

– Outsource tasks that take too long or are outside your area of ​​expertise. Accounts, social media, public relations, or housework, such as cleaning or gardening, may be better done by someone else, allowing you to spend your time more productively.

– Improve your relationships. Is it time to add interest to your job by learning new skills or even building relationships with complementary companies and opening new doors to expand your reach? Cultivate your relationships, both professional and personal. Make a commitment to spend quality time with the important people in your life and be part of the support systems of others.

– Do your friendships work well for you? Do you spend your free time with the ‘right’ people who inspire you? Do they support you and your dreams or are they in your life simply by default? A new year can prompt you to update your close circle and introduce the people who are most positive into the mix.

– Do your spiritual and core values ​​need attention? While you may not be able to radically alter your life, there may be scope to invest in

If you are a business owner, you have probably long grafted and been hard to get to where you are, making many sacrifices while establishing your reputation. A new year may be the time to see how you are doing. By resetting your priorities and finding positive ways to take better care of yourself and the things that are important in your life, you can invest in making this year your current year.

Susan Leigh, counselor, hypnotherapist, relationship counselor, writer, and media contributor, offers help with relationship issues, stress management, assertiveness, and trust. She works with individual clients, couples, and offers corporate workshops and support.

She is the author of 3 books, ‘Dealing With Stress, Managing Its Impact’, ‘101 Days of Inspiration #Tipoftheday’ and ‘Dealing With Death, Dealing With Pain’, all on Amazon and with easy-to-read sections, tips and ideas to help you feel more positive about your life.



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