My Favorite Travel Essentials

Happy Tuesday girls! Long time without publication … I know! I just got back from a week in New York for New York Fashion Week! I flew to New York ALL BY MYSELF (eek) and stayed with girls I had never met before for the first few nights. It was the first time he traveled alone and the first time to a big city like New York! We have to do things that are out of our comfort zone once in a while, right? Since I’ve been traveling so much this year, I wanted to collect some of my favorite travel items.

I recently shared a post about What’s In My Travel makeup bag, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.
1.Grab & Go Clear Travel Bag – I have this in my airplane bag. It has everything you need on the go, like band-aids, electrolyte tabs, stevia (for my coffee), a travel mask, lip balm, face wipes, face mask for the plane, antibacterial wipes for the dirty plane, ibuprofen, a ball of mint and a ball of lavender, one to wake me up and when I feel bad and another to help me sleep), etc.
2. Packing Cubes – These are a life buoy! Not only do they help me get organized while I pack, but they pack everything in your suitcase to maximize space.
3.Travel Makeup Bag: I love this one from ULTA that I shared in my post + video of What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag. I always have this in my carry-on bag or my purse: if my bags get lost, at least I have this guy. Makeup is expensive, so it would be terrible to lose everything.
4.Travel Steamer – This is a total must-have! I take this cute pink steamboat with me everywhere! I have a bigger one at home, but take it with me on the go. Clothes easily wrinkle during travel, and this takes seconds to warm up and wear!
5.Toiletry bag: I got mine from Pixi, but linked a similar one. Any one that hangs and has enough room for full-size bottles is perfect!
6.Travel Jewelry Organizer – Another favorite I carry with me to photograph outfits too! It has points to hold your necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings … everything! It is compact and perfect to carry!


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