Pregnancy 101: 3 important things to do before the baby arrives

Pregnancy may seem like the longest time in your life, but before you know it, you’ll be in labor! In addition to preparing your home to welcome the new addition to your family, there are other important things to focus on while you can. Give yourself time, your partner, other children (if you have them) and even your friends or dear pets!

Aim to do these 3 important things before your baby arrives!

Pack the hospital bags

Experts recommend that future moms have their hospital bags packed as early as 7 months. A bag for you, one for the baby and a small one for dad! There are many lists you can find online on what to include in the bags. For you, some clothing sets and some entertainment for your hospital stay are a must. For the baby, you will need diapers, bottles and formula (if you are not breastfeeding) and even an outfit to go home to, among other things!

Plan a family date

If you have other children, it is crucial that they feel that, even when their new brother arrives, they are as loved and important as ever. It is best to go on a family date to talk and have a good time together. It can be a picnic in a nearby park or dinner at your favorite restaurant. At home, try spending so much time with your kids before exploding. A movie night or working on a craft project together will be a lot of fun! If you have pets, spend time with them too!

Make dad feel special

Many parents feel somewhat excluded during pregnancy and childbirth, as the mother receives care and pampering. Dads get tired too, and most of the time they are just as eager and excited as you are for the arrival of their baby. Before the baby arrives, show your appreciation to Dad since he has taken over the house and is doing the “heavy stuff” while you are pregnant. A little act of sweetness can go a long way: treat him to dinner with just the two of you, buy that thing at the mall he’s been watching for a while, or hire a babysitter so he can spend an evening with the kids.

It is important to focus on you and your family, apart from the preparations before exploding: follow these important things before the baby arrives!

Angela Kidd is an author and illustrator, wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. In her spare time, she personally created story books and coloring books for her children for fun and they loved it … And she did too. Angela quit her job and created her own line of educational activity books for kids of various ages, with the primary goal of making learning fun! You can see some of Angela’s amazing books here.


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