Thanks COVID-19

Most people are afraid and upset with the coronavirus. It has spoiled our status quo. It has inspired anger, caused alarm, despair and death, perpetuated anguish and caused loss. But have you thought about how good it is bringing to our world?

Corona has caused self-isolation (I-soul-action). Hurrah! In reality, people are forced to give up their rat races, jams, and go to work for eight hours or more. This leaves room for introspection: what do we really want our life to be like? I think most of us would say, “peacefully and abundantly.” How does that feel in corporate America?

Corona has caused homeschooling / education. At school, bullying is over: children are free to learn at their own pace and on schedule. Do you think there could be a growing appreciation for teachers?

Corona has caused many businesses to close. That means there is less traffic on the roads and families have more time together. How does that work for you parents?

Corona has caused people to stay home because there is no outside entertainment available. How are you helping to save money and create less expense?

Corona has been essential for some people to lose their jobs, be fired or temporarily fired. How are you helping to change our current and reckless economic system?

Thank you Coronavirus for making us stay home and isolate ourselves while relating to our families (and even friends through technology), rest when necessary, create healthy recipes, give yourself time to relax, regenerate and just be. You have made us, Corona, look at our world differently and come together in thought and desire to make this a more empowered world of freedom for the individual … our birthright! Reader, how does that make you feel? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the world has changed as a result of this virus?

What if we as a group give Corona a huge thank you? Deep gratitude to you, Corona, for altering the status quo and awakening society for change and fulfillment. When you are gone (cheerfully soon), you will have sparked a more conscious and conscious planet and hopefully people will act accordingly to restore the earth to its greatness with peace, freedom and relaxation for its citizens … a recovery by design .



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