The importance of personal development in self leadership

“Men are eager to improve their circumstances, but are not willing to improve on their own, so they remain compelled.” (James Allen)

On the self-leadership journey it is important to address the importance of personal development. It all starts with being unhappy with the way things are. There is no one alive who can claim that it is a finished product. We are all a work in progress. Personally, I’m not where I used to be, but I’m certainly not anywhere near where I should be in terms of everything I can be. It takes humility and honesty to admit that you are not “all that” and that you are not “all there is.” We have good intentions and sometimes the right motivation, but this alone is not good enough. There has to be a willingness to do the work necessary to achieve the goal. It is an illusion to imagine that you can change anything important without improving yourself. Let’s look at some of the areas that need work.

“internal dialogue” (positive or negative things that you constantly say to yourself)
“self-image” (how you see yourself)
self-motivation (what drives you).
“self-discipline” (moderation, be strict with yourself)
This is all part of the puzzle of self-control, and when they come together, life becomes beautiful. Sometimes the desire to change and develop can be strong, but what if obstacles and reality speak louder than the desire you have? It is not wise to proceed without knowing exactly what you are up against. Let’s identify some obstacles that one needs to overcome to begin the process of self-development:
Lack of will to change – “I’m on my way”
The power of the past – “It’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday”
An uncompromising mindset: “I’ve always done it this way”
Associations: “I cannot abandon some of my old associations”
An idle mind: “It is too much work; I have the right to be lazy”
I urge you to conduct a self-assessment based on the five areas mentioned above. There may be more depending on your particular instance. You will begin to notice that you need a change mainly in the mind. That is the “battlefield” where most wars take place. Where the mind goes, the man follows! There are preconceived negative ideas, attitudes, habits and associations that must disappear. If you are happy, you may not need to make any changes. If you don’t like what is happening or the results you are getting, you can always change and start with the decision to become someone you have never been before. Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve problems using the same type of thinking that we use when we create them.” Don’t wait until next year to change your mind. The time to make the changes is NOW!
We live in an age where there is a lot of learning. It is possible to learn all the new skills and even spend a fortune without getting results. Acquiring new knowledge without a new mind is like putting new wine in old wineskins. Change your mind!

Solving the mental problem positions you for real transformation. Personal development does not happen on its own. Physical growth is inevitable; Personal growth takes decisive steps. If you are not growing, then you cannot achieve greatness. What skills are you going to achieve to remain relevant in your chosen field? Now it has become easy to be “self-taught, thanks to free online courses of which there is much to offer. Ivy League universities like Harvard, Preston, for example, have resources on their websites that you can easily access YouTube, we can learn just about anything, anytime, by spending just thirty minutes a day on tutorials You can read at least one book in a month It’s time to grow!

I remember when we were trying to develop different concepts for an advertising campaign. We seemed stagnant and no creative ideas came to us. It was then that the director told everyone to stop and connect online for “stimulation,” that is, expose ourselves to different concepts to stimulate the mind. What does this have to do with self-development? You need the right environment, the right exposure to nurture your quest for improvement. A child who grew up in a poor home, in a poor neighborhood will never aspire to anything different until, through exposure, they see that it is possible to create a different and better reality. Jealously protect your environment; the people, places, and ideas you expose yourself to are important. There are many good inspiring movies out there. If watching movies isn’t your thing, surround yourself with stories of people who have triumphed over adversity and accomplished what you’re trying to do. Find them, take them to lunch, download their

Fitzgerald Mujuru has extensive experience and experience in marketing and sales, managing the best global brands. He has taught numerous seminars to various companies, entrepreneurs, leadership groups. He has appeared on various radio shows that discuss various topics of leadership and personal development. He has written 3 books (Power Thought for Today Success Motivation, Winning Ways-Precept Upon Precept, This Christian Life) and several articles from online magazines. Their motivational, training, sales / marketing and leadership seminars have been well attended and highlighted as generators of thought and added value. He is a sales coach, business consultant specializing in marketing.


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