These are the 10 health benefits of beer

Having an alcoholic drink is taboo in many countries, including India. Many people fear becoming addicted to alcohol if they have one or two shots of beer. But the reality is different from what we think. In many countries like North America and Europe, beer is part of food, a small amount of beer consumption is acceptable to society.

The reason behind drinking beer and not any other alcoholic beverage is the benefits we can get from it.

These are the 10 health benefits for which we must drink beer:

Beer is a rich source of B vitamins and protein, even more than wine. It also has a beneficial antioxidant. Beer consists of “hops”, a component used to make beer and is a rich source of flavonoids.
Drinking beer provides you with many minerals that are important in our body’s metabolic process. In different ways, beer contributes to improving your health.
Beer will really improve the health of your kidneys. Recent research has found that beer keeps the kidney healthy. As you drink beer, the risk of kidney stones decreases by 40% with each bottle.
Do you want to get rid of bad cholesterol? Drink a glass of beer because it contains fiber and helps lower cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol responsible for heart disease.
Do you need to increase the level of vitamin B in the body? Here comes the beer. According to medical experts, beer consists of various vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, and B12. Compared to people who don’t drink, people who drink beer have 30% more vitamin B6. It is actually twice as many as people who drink wine. Plus, you get plenty of B12 vitamins when you drink beer, too.
A beer drinker has stronger bones, and note that there is no exaggeration in this sentence. A medical study has revealed that due to the high amount of silicon present in beer, it contributes to the higher density of the bone.
You will agree with this, after having a beer you sleep well. It is true because beer can cure insomnia. It consists of lactoflavin and nicotinic acid that induce sleep and make your mind feel relaxed.
You can significantly prevent a heart attack with beer. According to research, the risk of heart attack is reduced to 40-60% among the beer drinker compared to the non-beer drinker.
Today, many people suffer from blood clots in the arteries. Well, as experts say, the ingredients in beer work best to prevent blood clots and ensure smooth blood flow in the body.
The last one is for women. You want to look beautiful and young and then have a glass of beer. The expert has supported this fact that beets are composed of vitamins that regenerate the skin and reduce skin pigmentation. Provides smooth and elegant skin. Many home remedies include applying beer to the skin and hair to keep it healthy. But be sure to consume in limited quantity.



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