Twitter would like you to really read stories before retweeting them

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it will begin testing a new feature that will prompt users to think before tweeting articles they haven’t read.

This test is currently limited to Android users in English. If a user decides to retweet an article before reading it, Twitter may ask them to open it before doing so. Twitter did not say when it plans to bring the feature to additional operating systems.

“Sharing an article can spark conversation, so you may want to read it before tweeting it,” Twitter said. “To help promote an informed discussion, we are testing a new ad on Android: When you retweet an article you haven’t opened on Twitter, we may ask you if you want to open it first.”
This test is just the latest from Twitter in an effort to curb misinformation and fuel meaningful discussions on the platform. Last month, Twitter launched a test that allows users to limit who can reply to their tweets on Android, iOS, and the company’s web app. From now on, some users can restrict responses to everyone, to the people they follow or to the people they mention. In recent months, Twitter has launched additional features such as the ability to hide specific responses to tweets. It is also testing a cleaner interface for interlocking conversations on the platform.


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