Volvo: Lockdown changed car sales forever

The UK president of Volvo said that the push to expand online car sales services due to the Covid-19 shutdown would change the way new cars are sold forever.

New car registrations have virtually halted after rules of the British government forced dealerships to close in mid-March. Showrooms were finally allowed to open in England on June 1 and Northern Ireland on June 8. There is as yet no fixed date for showrooms to open in Wales and Scotland.

With the dealerships closed, auto companies and dealers tried to maintain a certain level of service to customers by expanding existing services online. Volvo United Kingdom, for example, has accelerated improvements to the current online sales service, launched a “click and receive” service and offered a full launch of the Volvo Valet, which is an option of unattached collection and delivery of vehicles requiring service or repair.

“What we did about coronavirus treatment procedures was basically two years of digital development in just eight weeks,” said Christian Elfforz, UK director of Volvo. “Despite the shutdown, we decided not to spoil many of our employees to make sure we can keep a lot of people working on new developments that will help us keep customers really interested and help when it’s time to restart.

“These are the directions that we will see in the future. We will definitely see more of our operations moving online in the future. We have learned a lot of work digitally which will change the rules of the game.”


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